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Just to share that I got the sp4 sent in for out-of-warranty replacement!

Call the hotline 800 1013659, speak to a customer service officer. Your mileage may vary, I had to send them a short video of the screen problem.

After a few days, they called me back to arrange for a replacement. Appreciate the CSO handling my case, 'cos he really explained to me in detail what steps would proceed from that point on.

Waiting for the sp4 to reach them and a replacement to be shipped back.


Got mine delivered a few days ago!! Whoopee!!! With 3 mths warranty extension from delivery date.
call hotline?

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Glad to know you are receiving a replacement
I bought the Surface Pro in the US (Aug 2017). It has been having the flickering issue for a while. It didn't bother me much but now I'm intending to sell the Surface. Should I exchange it for a refurnished set and sell it or sell it and let the new owner do the exchange?

What are the pros and cons of each?
i using lenovo laptop now but want to buy surface pro. the microsoft singapore website cannot let me buy it. i think no stock. where is the best place to buy and how much is it? if got good package please tell me.

also since the pro 6 got no USB C then where to get pro 4 since some said here on this forum that 4 is better than 5 and 6. thanks.
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