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What are your attribute scores like? >> 9/11/1

and do you plan to raid with the build? >> unfortunately can't due to current clan i randomly join all MIA. waanted to try raid though. will try to upload pictures when i'm home. now still at office
wow that means alot of the blues went into your armor? ok anyways you prob balance out your blues abit. 400+K armor is very high and may or may not be useful. not sure what your other reds plus need the stats to see if your reds were helping u kill. i had biggest problem in the past, my reds were really terrible.

speaking of which: the Centered talent - is dependent on performing a headshot. with an LMG main, i think it's rather difficult to guarantee that, even with an AR, unless they are close range. Plus LMG's class specific traits have bonus to dmg for targets out of cover. Only marksman rifles have the special trait for headshot dmg bonus.

anyways our clan is still very active and do raid on a fairly regular basis each week. like last night there were at least 2 raiding parties rushing to complete their weekly raid. all are working class folks with family so if you're interested just drop me a PM for the discord link. no guarantee on raid success because raid is really end-game kinda play right now so everyone has to be close to their A-game and needs the ability to comms back to everyone in voice chat. if you're shy or not comfortable to chat in voice it will work against the entire team because voice comms does help alot in the raid. but because of the raid, it helps improve my build and inventory as well.

btw, i have a few BM M60s as well but might switch out to the Infantry MG5. that seems to be the new meta
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