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Just went over to grab fb and telegram

Actually thinking about it

Grab driver have themselves to blame for the new update gem scheme

Every week. So many will post hao lian ss stating hit this tier hit that tier.. like very easy like that...

So since so easy hit. Grab increase the difficulty lo. Complain for what. Is you who let Grab know very easy to hit one what every week

There's this guy in telegram... Ruby tier.. every week have to do his usual hao lian routine...

When other people ruby tier post thing like. Wa heng ah finally manage to hit 170 gem this week.

He will post a SS he max tier ruby then write VERY HARD MEH. NO PING MEH.

every week he do this. Every fugging week.

Now new scheme come out. He kpkb the scheme. What he didn't know is people like him that cause this to happen...

see Grab use how many gem as example for ruby tier. 345 gem.

how many ruby tier can really hit 345 gem easily

but Grab mindset is like ok what so many post every week hit max tier 380 gem so easy. 380 so easy for ruby now we set around 600+ gem target 不过分 right.

i think i have to agree with the new account cherry life.

every time u all hao lian ur 600 gem 700 gem your msw your sibei good ping.

for awhile u manage to masterbate your ego a little. but u have no idea all after effect you cause in the long run
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