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Well I reckon too many people have jump on board currently thus the slow down in ping. Plus the unlicensed phv from msia make a impact too. I actually just drive for 2 weeks to cover my rental n etc n park in the car park for 2 weeks as I got slipdisc hence I can’t drive for long hours. I call rental comp to transfer or add name n they demand $350 so I just forget it. Renting a car is a liability as any form of accident will eat away our sweat money instantly. So paying few dollars more for lower excess of insurance is a must. Driving a passenger ard safely is our responsibility too as any injury they suffer u have to bear fully too. Too me the cons are just more then the pros(freedom, no boss, etc). But seriously.....Just 1 mistake ur entire earning or maybe saving will be gone. So drive safe my fellow bro n sis as I know this job can easily trigger ur evil self due to fatigue n some bad riders looking for trouble.
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Agree. Thousands in penalty for tt $$ income opportunity
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