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There are two versions of the Infiland flip cover case like the ones we have, one is the hard back but translucent version like the one I'd gotten, and one with soft TPU back with same flip cover. Any shop in Sg install SP for a reasonable fee? The Spigen SP is this one, I am in Canada so I can order this...
Ah nice! Then get that one and ask the local Spigen shop to install for you.

I did try the Samsung live chat on their official web.. they are unable to quote was ask to go down to the store... I think screen replacement is not available.. the free case given is totally useless.. I am looking for a new case but case are very hard to find nowadays... anyone can recommend? I just bought a new screen protector first...
I'll offer you my extra one! Full side protection with cover flap! Hehe photo i posted few page/s back

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