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Wah 1 yr ah? You very fierce. So far I haven't signed anything more than 3 months. I personally think too risky and I also have the freedom to release anytime when the date is due.

I think I would just go register for gj since g say it's ok so far. Correct me If im wrong.
Moreover i don't think g will help to pay the rental for while waiting.
Got time just go gj office register first than talk. If not, hand no move rental kill your pocket first.

By the way Who cares if the car got g decal these passages just need a safe ride.
If you really scare just use something to cover over for the time being.

I signed for 1 year.

I opted for the CDW.

They included the price of the CDW in the agreement but never I dictate the rental is inclusive of CDW. They gave me the usual CI which state the high excess. Yesterday when I asked, the lady told me they cannot indicate it in the agreement. She said it was based on our conversation.

I got to WhatsApp them for a black and white confirmation.

Somemore got to push them to acknowledge, meaning to send another message in order for them to acknowledge.
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