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If the need to learn 2 languages at one time for web dev arises, I will definitely go and do so. But right now if you look at the job description I wrote above, they mainly just say React, which I havenít see the point yet of learning any server side stuff. Maybe itís because I donít know itís needed yet but eventually I will get to learning it, but not right now as I donít have time.

And also Iím mainly talking about getting a job first as someone without a fancy CS degree or related like you most probably have. You think any company is gonna take us non-cs degree holders seriously if we donít have some sort of projects to show off? So company xyz is gonna hire me just because I accumulated knowledge by watching youtube videos about computer science concepts?

And if I donít meet the requirements set by the company, how am I supposed to write or read any code on the job immediately after I am employed? Then why not they just put ď0 experience need with any language or knowledge about frameworks, only computer science privileged people need applyĒ?

And please you were definitely showing off. I donít know how many programmers Iíve worked with who look down on people who have no programming knowledge like we are some kind of animal who can only move and fart. All of yall think you know so much that you are better than the rest and validated by the high salary that you earn.

And why separate jobs for frontend and backend then? Why not just hire full stack computer science degree holders only everywhere?
Let me give u a piece of advice. You won’t go far in life if you want to continue adopting this mindset/attitude, which is why cs people would want to look down on u in the first place. I am sure if u r driven enough to turn urself into a cs person, the only thing u will get in return is respect. I have seen many people like yourself who is always comparing themselves with cs major and making excuses, instead of honing their craft.. Yes, cs majors had a headstart. But this does not mean u cannot catch up to them if u want to. But first, u have to accept that in the dynamic IT industry, u r expected to know multiple languages to even start a career. It is no longer like the past where knowing just Java for e.g. can bring u far.
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