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then why still sticking with clan? better change to another clan soon

if you running dual LMG, do you still need quick draw? with gunner, LMG going to have at least 150 rounds!

am running AR + LMG / Shotgun. don't find the need for quick draw. tried talent "fill all up" once & find it not necessary at all
Hi sorry for the late reply.

what kind of brandset is the chest piece? >> Gila Guard 2/3

Also what weapon is your main? >> Black Market M60

And what are the talents you are using?
Mask >> Centered
Vest >> Unbreakable
Holster >> Exotic just for the quick draw since i'm running LMG
Backpack >> Hardened Armor
Kneepad >> Patience

What are your attribute scores like? >> 9/11/1

and do you plan to raid with the build? >> unfortunately can't due to current clan i randomly join all MIA. waanted to try raid though. will try to upload pictures when i'm home. now still at office
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