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Let me give u a piece of advice. You wonít go far in life if you want to continue adopting this mindset/attitude, which is why cs people would want to look down on u in the first place. I am sure if u r driven enough to turn urself into a cs person, the only thing u will get in return is respect. I have seen many people like yourself who is always comparing themselves with cs major and making excuses, instead of honing their craft.. Yes, cs majors had a headstart. But this does not mean u cannot catch up to them if u want to. But first, u have to accept that in the dynamic IT industry, u r expected to know multiple languages to even start a career. It is no longer like the past where knowing just Java for e.g. can bring u far.
Forget it We have Mr/Miss self proclaimed ďAverageĒ talking like he/she knows exactly what he/she need in the industry. Let him/her be.
He/She is successful, not our earnings. He/She flop, also his/her own doing. Just let him/her be

It is funny nowadays some people donít even know how to count and make simple logical assessment and want to show off how much he/she knows about the situation.

>decade worth of industrial experience versus someone not even in the industry, but the experience one should agree to the novice. Hmm...... that is really some sort of odd ball mathematics, probably in a mirror dimension. lolx
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