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Most simple way is to backward calculate...

Now ruby second lowest tier $230 need 260 gems. With the new gem incentive... $230/$0.45=511 gems

Means u need almost double the gems now... wu kou leng boh?

Now DT weekly already doing 630-660gems weekly... even in gems slightly increase now if i can do 511gems means i almost DT level liao.

Somemore i still 5 day driver... even more mission impossible... cos i need at least 100 gems each day. And evening peak gem cui liao.

So i rather go for weekly guarantee now. As long as i do 20 trips every day in 5 days my guarantee is $1250 before comm. so if grab still give me cui fare means they need to top up more. If they want to cheat to ensure i exceed then no top up or less top up even better cos i get better fares... also good when I want to CP

I almost done for this week... 104T but my gross only $1132 if weekly... i will get quite some top up. If remain as gem... my 260 gem only worth $117.

I'm also similar situation as you.. 5 day driver always aim for ruby $230 tier one but since now they going change the gem scheme, the better option is to opt in for weekly guarantee right? no need stress gem somemore still can cp
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