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hi anybody encountered this before:

Had a minor accident with another PHV (car belong to some car dealer in Turf City), and went for private settlement (private settlement form and etc signed). Done deal.
BUT, after 6 months later when I received the letter from my insurer then realised that the PHV Driver pulled a fast one and went on to claim (right after our private settlement), and the insurer had paid out! Wtf.
How to settle this?
You got white n black bo, regarding to private settle, there's something called accident private settlement form, agree to self settle, won't make police report n insurance claim for the accident, if got that you r safe. If bo, gg,you will need to settle the claim. (Rental company won't miss the chance to chop you one, own workshop, even minor can also turn into major, then make big claim, and they know as being phd you wouldn't or can't afford to hire lawyer to fight the case)

*If accident, just report police within 24hrs even though agree to private settlement, unless both signed some sort of agreement form, must be both "original signed"copy and payment make. If not later the other party chui pattern, and change his mind. With police report,you can still submit claim if that happened.

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