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Greetings to all the seniors here. I will need some advices as Iím overwhelmed by all the incentives and the jargons used. Pardon my long post.

Due to family medical issues, we are in need of more income. Both my spouse and I are looking to get a second source of income to cope and tide us over at least a year. So Iím thinking to be a private hire. However, will need to rent as doesnít own a car.

ēBeen reading through, Iím confused as Lumens and Grabrental are both mentioned, which will be less hassle when returning the car (no excessive checks of scratches).

ēOnly can drive part time, 6am to 11am. As my full-time job is 2pm to 2am.

ēCan I add relief drivers if I choose Lumens instead of Grabrental?

ēThinking of getting a hybrid car, as read that the FC is lesser than petrol car, is it true?

ēIf hybrid, itís mentioned that to get Prius instead, I assume itís the MPV, right?

Thanks in advance to any advices given. Please try not to troll with me, as I recently canít tell whether itís troll or not, due to the stress.
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