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Forget it We have Mr/Miss self proclaimed ďAverageĒ talking like he/she knows exactly what he/she need in the industry. Let him/her be.
He/She is successful, not our earnings. He/She flop, also his/her own doing. Just let him/her be

It is funny nowadays some people donít even know how to count and make simple logical assessment and want to show off how much he/she knows about the situation.

>decade worth of industrial experience versus someone not even in the industry, but the experience one should agree to the novice. Hmm...... that is really some sort of odd ball mathematics, probably in a mirror dimension. lolx
Who says that I am not gonna take your advice? For a self proclaimed pro advisor you sure donít listen or read enough to my previous replies. I said that you havenít enough answer enough of my previous doubts yet and you just jumped to conclusions that Iím like you a deaf old man who only knows how to talk and not listen. What a total tool. Even though your comments are rude at least I have the sense to consider the logic behind what you are saying and not like you who donít even listen to what people are saying. Had enough of these old man who just talk and donít listen.

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