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LOL! Looks like you have something against Sony.

The biggest box that it checks in my list is proper ANC. The Japanese review suggests it is 90% or equivalent of the bigger brother. We will have to see about it.

As for latency, it looks like as if Sony has taken the same approach as Apple and included a chip in each earphone that reduces sound delays and improve connectivity. Also, both earphones connects with the source. Again, we will have to see how well it works.

As for the other points, I think you are just being biased. Not everyone needs earphones that can withstand a gazillion hours of usage and another gazillion litres of sweat. Neither do I think this is a earphone for everyone. It has ANC and that will be it's selling point. If someone wants ANC, look here. As for LDAC, it drains battery really fast.

Let's wait and see how well it works.
I have something against SONY?

I owns the SONY WH-1000XM3 headphone so how can I be against SONY?

If a product is good I'll give it the credit otherwise it's not good. Short and simple

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