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I didn’t run with the 30k. It was all accumulated. From one to another, it just snowballed. My actual loan amount also not so much. The fact was that time so called I owed 30k but I didn’t even see or touch the money. Cos it was all snowballed and totalled up to that amount. But seriously if they give me the 30k, I will take and run. Hahaha.

by the way, my mum still alive.

but yes, we all have had our problems. It's those criminals that are making our lives tough.
I saw a cheap interest sms and responded but that's a lesson learned.

I changed number and so far 2 weeks in the clear. NOKs alsoo not disturbed. Office also not called.
touch wood...and pray all will be over soon. Police is handling my case but i will never pay those criminals a single cent.
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