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Carry on dude. Am I nice to u, you are thinking too much. You are just yet another stranger. Don’t want the advice, feel free to wander on your own. lolx. Stupidity is not something that is invited
quick question davidktw,

what was your sequence in learning programming language if you dont mind sharing?

i just started cs50 too after reading your comments, i must say it is a really good online programme. it totally changed the sequence in which i intend to learn programming.

for me i started out coding as a hobby so i never really thought of delving more into programming until now.

some history for myself off my mind.
1999 - html
2001 - html/css
2012 - html/css bootstrap/jquery/node.js
2015 - html5/css bootstrap/jquery/node.js/vue.js
2016 - html5/css bootstrap/jquery/react.js/vue.js/node.js

presently, i'm considering starting out more towards the basics of programming.

Learning C > C# > C++ > Python

then moving back to more web related languages like sql, php.

also i'm not in the industry thus far, but am considering a career switch because i like to code more than design ux/ui.

Any other courses you'd recommend?

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