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Mai gong ka aneh dua kang lei... people are in fear that y they r here for a reason
. When people are in need of money n get threaten frm AL they turn to runner n splash those hse if they gt $ they wont do all these already Loh
that was spoken in the heat of the moment previously.
But fact is, victims should not be afraid or else the cycle will never end. The bug stops when we are not afraid. I think this is what we are all here to learn.
End of day, a victim turned runner is still a criminal. And they must also learn not to bow to LS pressure to be runners. That's how the law is.

After i changed number and install cctv, i wasn't afraid anymore.
If u r short of cash, always look for proper legal channels. Work harder and get by. Everyone makes mistakes and the faster u learn, the faster u can get back on track.

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