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How long were your cable when it gave you problem?

I bought 3 different cat5e/6 ethernet cables from challenger and all 3 were copper clad aluminum cables instead of solid copper cables. I cut the first cable into several 10cm cables to connect devices to my switch and it works fine for that use case. However the 2nd cable can't power my PoE AP properly and the 3rd would constantly drop connections to my PC. I replaced the last 2 ethernet cables with in spec ones from sim lim square and my issues were solved.

If all you do is connect your pc to your router, any cheap cable will work fine unless the length is long.

For PoE and longer runs, those cheap cables that are not made up to spec can't work reliably

I don't think you can modify the firmware on the ONT even if you tried. Those things are locked down by the ISP
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