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Police no advise anything . I feel like damn useless report to the police but he did advice me what to do and he told me will send police to round my place
You are not local? Please read past posts properly.

Donít think that they will keep to their words as itís proven that they never did.

Stop communicating with them and embrace for whatever that may come. It will be never ending if you choose to carry on hoping for the best.

Please inform your landlord and office that you had gotten a scam and a forced loan had been transferred into your account. Show them your police report.

Heed the policeís advise and stop transferring money back to ďthemĒ, you will be in hot soup if the account you transfer to is another victimís and they reported you. You will be liable and become the accomplice to the UMLís activities.

Be strong.
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