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He didn't get much of a look in at Barca :

Barcelona midfielder Arthur Melo has reflected on his role at the Blaugrana, stating that he doesn't enjoy as much freedom to create play as he does at Brazil.The 22-year-old has joined the rest of his Selecao teammates for preparations ahead of the 2019 Copa America, which is set to kick off on 15 June."The main thing is that I participate in the creation of the play further forward at Barcelona, [whereas] in the national team I have more freedom to go back and build the play," he said."I think that's the biggest difference, as Tite gave me more freedom to look for the ball further back."[At Barcelona] I get more between the lines and I have to move towards the attack."In his first season at the Catalan side Arthur completed just four out of the 44 games he participated in.

Casemiro plays best at that position too but likes to move forwards at Real, so basically you have 2 players displacing Fabinho - not forgetting old man Fernandinho (luckily he didn't play or the ref would've given him multiple yellows - props to the ref for daring to give Jesus a 2nd yellow...and at the maracana stadium no less)
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