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guys, need some opinions & advises

been using for PvE & pretty happy with this build so far. just wish health could be higher (e.g 200k) compared to depending on skills, this is easier for hard bounties. maybe CP4 will be easier too, will try that out soon.

so like to know
~ how or what can be improve be further?
~ is this suitable for raid?

GS498 9/10/0 Armor 228K Health 135k Skill 0
AR Custom P416 G3 19.5k
LMG Black Market M60 E6 31.7k
SHOTGUN SPAS12 185k~192k

MASK Cete Badger 21.5k dte 7% aok 15%
Attributes health 4k*dte 23% hok 6k

VEST Stridvast Fenris 39.5k
AR dmg 10% pfe 10%
A/health 31k weapon dmg 3% chd 9.5%
T/Berserk armor 10%
note: can swop VEST for unbreakable talent if need more protection

HOLSTER Jackrabbit Gila 31.4k armor 5%
A/health 21k *aok 17k

BACKPACK Winter Badger 40.0k
dte 7% aok 15%
A/armor 5% *chc 10% armor 13k weapon dmg 4%

GLOVES Kote Murakami 19.9k health 8%
A/*armor 19k shotgun dmg 6%
T/weapon dmg 5%
note: previous gila gloves provides haz 27% + LMG dmg 7% but decides to swop for more health + armor + weapon dmg

KNEE Knaskydd Fenris 25.1k
AR dmg 10% pfe 10%
A/armor 16k
T/dte 10% Patience

* crafted
A/ attributes T/talent M/mods
aok armor on kill
hok health on kill
dte damage to elite
pfe protection from elite
chc crit hit chance
chd crit hit damage
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