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Xiexie the bros nice words. Sometimes see some comments / replies here can get a little harsh or sarcastic. Maybe it's the facts through experience, but can be quite disheartening, especially to those who lost job and thinking to switch to phv for a try.

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Aiya, I hope folks here donít misunderstood me as one who takes the moral high ground with my comment. Just want to point out that I always believe we are in the situations because of our choices/consequences/or the random wild cards that has been dealt to us, be it willingly or unwillingly and there will always be lessons behind on why we are stuck in a particular phase. Some will learn and get out of it sooner, while others will keep walking in circles looking for a solution or answer. Like the rest, I am still walking in circles for an answer, but in the meantime, if whatever I know can give others a hand, why the hell not?

P.S- I so dragged myself to drive everyday and yes, itís a choice I have made. 🤣
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