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Berserk need to use clutch and try get as much crit chance as possible. W/o it, u wun dare to 100% activate berserk. Even defender drone dun last long enough de. AOK/HOK is kinda useless coz its very low compared to your overall armour/hp pool.

Tbh, ur build is kinda over the place. U spec armour when u need to reduce armour to activate berserk. Also, to use berserk in raid, u need know the mechanics well. I only dare to use berserk build in 2nd and 3rd boss nia. For 1st boss, i prefer to use unstoppable (maybe looking to build same set but change chest to bloodsucker or unbreakable). 4th boss cfm unstoppable with 300k armour. Coz when drones fly ard, u shoot them down and can get buff liao, very easy. Tried berserk and i die a lot faster. I also find running AR with chatterbox to be the best combo for PVE.

This is my AR berserk set frm memory.

Armour: 200k
HP: 174k
Skill power: 178

Build: 11/4/1

Mask: murakami
46% dte, 11k hp

Bag: 511
10.5% wpn dmg, 5% chc, and some chd.
Vital and hard hitting. Trying to find pyogostyle with same attributes and talents except change chd to hp

Chest: FG stridvast
13% wpn dmg, 10.5% chc, 23k hp
Berserk, vital
Try to get this version coz this 1 have red mod slot.

Gloves: alps climbing gloves
11% ar dmg
One of the few gloves with red mod slot. Trying to find others to swap out if needed.

Holster: gila jackrabbit
36k hp, 11.5%chc
Gila holster is the only holster with 2 red mod slots. Worth to get. To get full 15 or 15.5% chc, ur hp need to be around 20-23k hp max. Got a few and tested the combo with my 15% chc. Im trying to find a very low armour set with high hp so that i can max out chc easily with high hp.

Kneepads: fenris
22k hp
Hard hitting and patience
The only kneepads with 2 talents but im trying to get HH with braced instead. Patience dun work here for my build. Lol. I have other WW/DH but trying to find them with blue attributes. Max chc is 9% or so, so not that worth to throw away 22k hp. At most sacrifice mask hp for chc.

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