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guys, need some opinions & advises

been using for PvE & pretty happy with this build so far. just wish health could be higher (e.g 200k) compared to depending on skills, this is easier for hard bounties. maybe CP4 will be easier too, will try that out soon.

so like to know
~ how or what can be improve be further?
~ is this suitable for raid?

GS498 9/10/0 Armor 228K Health 135k Skill 0
AR Custom P416 G3 19.5k
LMG Black Market M60 E6 31.7k
SHOTGUN SPAS12 185k~192k

VEST Stridvast Fenris 39.5k
AR dmg 10% pfe 10%
A/health 31k weapon dmg 3% chd 9.5%
T/Berserk armor 10%
note: can swop VEST for unbreakable talent if need more protection
1) are you using your LMG to actually fight? or are you using the talents on the LMG to help boost your AR?
if the former, then you immediately are not taking advantage of Berserk talent. (But I see you are already using a Fenris chest piece which is AR centered, so I duno if using the LMG in combat is that effective)

2) also CHC/CHD combo requires to proc in the critical range. Are your combat engagements in that range or outside that range? plus if your CHC/CHD are low, the chances of it actually helping your engagements is probably not high.

3) AOK/HOK maybe might be useful in most PvE, but you gotta kill and that depends on doing enough damage. see #2. part of every build is dependent on your playstyle as well. so think about how you play and that might help you plan your build as well. plus knowing the skills you are using might help.

4) Which specialization are you using or plan to use? Some have passive boosts like Survivalist has some nice passives for solo play.

can join our discord to discuss builds and get more ideas if you want. plenty of them still playing and chatting. they even went on some raid training last night with very broken builds (mostly pvp builds). surprisingly managed to get to 3rd checkpoint.

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