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anyone knows if you can just go sign up without having a car / rented one yet? thinking of going down to sign up with both gojek and grab since i heard incentives only start the week after you sign up but havent decide on which company to rent from yet.....

btw i heard that the new incentive from grab dropped the earnings a lot? but i also heard gojek has very little jobs any advice on which to jump on for full time?
IMHO I wouldn't rent from any of their fleet for the start.. Source a cheap rent car and try drive for both before committing.

Both are changing incentives payout every now n then so don't expect any bonus is permanent.

If you are new to driving phv, I suggest drive grab 1st. The driver app is more stable with useful features. Gojek more like advance level, job comes in with only postal code, slow ping, far pick up.
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