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Which is why I can't fully disagree with those who have negative comments here sometimes, about finding a job instead of full-time phv. In the initial days when phv first came, I know or heard of those who claim they drive for fun to know more people. Now it seems more for bread butter survival. I to be honest feel our society is a little late to realize the supply and demand of this industry, I can see the saturation point coming soon. This kind of go against the govt direction to be car lite, and encourage majority to take public transport. Or maybe they are really slowing down the issuance of the phv license le, thus why my approval has not been approved for 3 weeks le..

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when u join this industry, u will realize how toxic this industry is.

of course, i am not the right person to make the abv statement.

besides, almost every industry is toxic.

simi care, simi love and give each other feedback?

the hard truth is, be it whether u are in corporate world or 4 wheels cabin, everyday still must fight for own survival.

incentives drop, so? still must peng what. not happy wif incentives then think abt doing other stuff to step out of phv industry.

all in all, grab n go jek dun owe us a living.

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