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Yes can sign up first

Once ur account active and u go in app it will say you got no vehicle record.

Then once u rent a car liao u can go ahead and update

For Grab. The gem payout drop. But then getting gem is easier now. Today only 2nd day. So hard to say if it "dropped the earnings a lot". Got to wait at least till Sunday to review the new scheme

For Gojek. Yes very little job as there are way more driver than passenger. Driving gojek have to make effort in finding customer.

If u ask me. Grab first. Easier to drive. App more friendly. Lesser driver/rider issue.

Then when u use to driving phv liao then u can try out gojek

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thanks for the info still deciding which company to rent from now though, was thinking of renting with gojek since they have that -150 weekly if i hit 130points but apparently that is gonna be really difficult? so sticking to one of grabs partner than..... or anyone out there has any company to intro
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