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Hello brothers and sisters, after reading all the motivations and moral support - I'm brave enough to share my stories with you all. But first of all, I would love to thank all of you for giving wise advices & what to and not to do.

I started having problems with paying my bill thus I loaned from one of the loansharks. As per normal, it's always the first timer loan where you'll get lower than what you asked for. I've paid them, as a promise they'll lend me bigger amount.

I did borrow from three of the loansharks. So it's like borrowing from another to close the others. But after payment were made with the first one, they ignored me and I had difficulties to make payment with the second and third one. I started searching for another loan and came this person who said that those three are loansharks but not to worry, he'll help to pay my loans to their bosses and nothing will happen to me. Honestly, I trusted him at first since he kind of giving supportive words - telling me not to see their messages and ignore.

But after doing so, I felt that it's really weird because if he settled with their bosses, why can't their bosses inform them to not disturb me anymore? Instead, they threatened me a lot to the extent of asking me to sell body at Geylang. One of them even said that my bank acc now is loanshark acc and I'll be eating rice with curry when going to prison.

Also, I just realized that I also did borrow from them which required digital signature on a document. They'll ask you to download Adobe to sign and return it back to them - as if they're legal.

I ended up not paying the second and third loansharks, incl the man who so-called helped me. I filed police report and now, it's still on-going case. My NOK was angry at first but I've explained everything and she's calm now. My workplace colleagues also understand my situation. None are angry. Instead, they did help me out since we're all like family already.

In types of harassment, I've just received messages from my friends that they pm-ed them on Facebook - spreading my IC and asking them to tell me that I've yet to pay. I then deactivated my account. I'm still ongoing of these issues.

At times, I feel scared but I kept on reading all the comments here and I'm much more motivated to move on with my life, face the threatening and harrassment. Since my IO is the same religion as me, he also did mention : You're scared with loanshark or scared with God? Who'll take care of you? Loanshark or God?

That made me more brave to move forward. So hope to hear from everyone soon! It's a really turning point for me now.
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