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Hi! Thank you so much for this threads. Let me share to you my story. I’m confused if this is a Loan Scam or a loan Shark. Please advice me.

I received a text message with an ad of loaning money. So I whatsapped the number, he “Jensen” +65 8579 9501 asked for my IC and CPF contribution so I gave it away.

He then transfereed me $400 with a message saying “take 400 clear 600 and defer 200 5 day loan” so whatever that means at first, I have no idea. But now it’s pretty clear to me 600 to clear and the 200 won’t “activate my loan” so I paid $200 on the 5th day and paid $600 on the 10th day so i can “activate my loan” “Jensen” then transfered me to his “admin”. They use the voice recording feature in whatsapp btw.

Jensen’s Admin (82127853) then called me on whatsapp to ask me to pay $550 admin charge. Even types on whatsapp $550(APPROVE CHANGE/ AGREMENT CHANGE ) so desperate me went to transfer $550 and upon transfering he said “WHY YOU IN $550 ONLY?” So crap, he meant 2 x $550. I’m still hoping that this is not a scam at this point. He also uses the voice messaging app on whatsapp. After I paid them $1900 total, the admin suddenly want to ask me to pay for “Insurance” which cost $870. And that’s when I lost it. I may have lost $1900 but don’t be like me.

Which brings me to another story of “Jeremy” 8549 5712 who sounds too similar to “Admin”. How do i know? They keep using the voice feature of whatsapp. Messaged me around 7 days after “Jensen” messaged me asking for loan. This “Jeremy” asked me if I want a loan and same process as Jensen. Transfered 400. Clear 600 defer 200.

Back to the current issue. I realized that “Jensen” and “Jensen’s Admin” are just scamming me and after I released $1900, I still didn’t receive any money. And this “Jeremy” is now asking for “Clear 600 defer 200” payment. So I blocked all of them in whatsapp. And still this “Jeremy” sent me threats (a video of a painted door with 0$P$ sign”) using different numbers on whatsapp. On the other hand “Jensen” and “Jensen Admin” didnt bother following up coz I guess they already scammed me. But this is for sure “Jensen Admin” (82127853) and Jeremy (+65 8549 5712, +65 8177 5763) is the same person.

I’ve reported Jensen and Jensen Admin to the police yesterday. I give the police their number, account numbers they used and hopefully, no one will fall to this scheme again. But are they loan sharks or just loan scams? And will they really burn my house coz they lost $400?
They are LOAN SCAMS.

All the info you need are here. PM if clueless.

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