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Thanks Justice League! I blocked and reported their numbers. And quickly changed my number. Working on changing my bank account number..

To what extent to Loan Scammers will harass their victim? Iím mentally preparing if they visit my house. We have 6 CCTVs around the blocks, lift and staircases. They claim I took $400 from them. Will they really chase for that $400? They scammed me $1.9k! Tskkkk..

Anyway, thank you so much for the advice!
Criminals who use lies and fear to scam people have no logic. Break contact. If they harass so be it, file more report.

Fear them not, any suspicious people or splash etc, call 999 and police will come. Evidence collected, arrest to follow soon with all the cctvs around you.

Stay strong! You might like to censor you post, a bit too much identifiable details.
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