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Hello everyone. First day gojek driver, used to drive grab, need some advice.

Today have one booking end at Serangoon central at 811pm. After that slowly drive and stopping at Serangoon, Sengkang and Pasir Ris for 10mins each trying to get booking. Slowly crawl and end up at Pasir Ris at 930, not a single booking and gave up and went home at Pasir Ris. 1 hour 20mins. Not a single booking. Left 3 trips to hit incentive but gave up.

So my question is, is this slump common for go jek? Or is there something wrong with my phone?

I asked this because I noticed earlier, sometimes I cross a junction by going straight, just after I cross will kena booking but I needed to turn left/right at that junction. As if my phone lagged. And since I went straight already, have to make one big detour to reach the pick up. Usually 8-10mins just to reach. Normal o faulty phone? Thanks in advance for reply.
Got rider app? Turn on rider suppose to see your own car at same spot, if cannot see your own car restart your rider app, I did this when after some time no ping, maybe due to connection loss of what can't see my car in the rider app, after restart it appear.
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