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Klopp and Edwards now work in the shadows. The usual journalists are only used to dispel rumours.

With the Copa just finished and AFCON stilll ongoing, business activities have been slow.
definitely. not blind faith but i believe they know our squad is still not complete and is working to get there.

tho im really eager to see what rhian, wilson and not forgetting woodburn, are capable of this coming season. believe its time to blood them liao. while for the holland kid, dunno his name sibei long. smth hover one, maybe too early. so we still need a backup left back. someone of status like lord klavan. if we got budget, in an ideal world, we need a cb to partner vvd, a better version of shaq, and a plan b striker. a backup DMC as well. dun wan hendo anywhere near there liao. he can play in CM. and if keita really still not able to do anything next season, need a replacement for him. really hope he can gel with this team. he is literally our black gerrard.

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