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i am not a collector nor crazy on watches...but thought of having a couple would be nice.
Got an IWC years ago...
So months back...went to ADs to ask abt Sub...all commented no stock and very hard to come by...
Very weird as last time, there are many rolex sports series when i was buying my IWC...and base on this i should have gotten Sea Dweller that time as it is even cheaper than my Portuguese...but i love the class of IWC.

As I am not in a abt 2wks ago, happen to pass by AD...just went in and Sub...well, since i gotten a IWC, might as well get my wife a Lady Date Just rather than another watch for myself. told the sales...if ever there is a sub, Date or No Date...i would love to have it, who knows when will it ever come.
Sales tell me, he will keep a look out for me but slim chance...but finger cross...

This past Sunday...sales text a sub with date and had reserve for me...keen to pick it up?...mai tu liao...
i am very happy but also sebei xiong...2 rolex in 2 wks...
Gxgx to your sub date!
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