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budget with total 900$ - 1000$
I had a hyper 212x for the CPU cooler
will be reusing my case, HDD, SSD, PSU, and GPU.
what I need is

and also if I would choose 3700x, will hyper 212x able to handle the cooling?

with GTX 1070 and my monitor can support up to 1440p and 144hz, games that I playing is
Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconŽ Wildlands
Apex legend
Hyper 212 is a mediocre cooler.

In 2019, its size (160mm) to performance (temps/noise) ratio is garbage, the only good thing is that it's cheap. But it's not going to give you any decent OC, so no point getting it IMO..

The 212 mounting mechanism and build quality is also not good, i realized it after using a lot of other HSF. It's not the worst though.. in the end it's just a ~$30 HSF.

Also, the 212 has 2 mounting brackets for AM4, one will make the heatsink horizontal and the other vertical. The horizontal one is going to screw your PC airflow up and the temps are going to be terrible.. trust me I've used it. If you ever get one, make sure it's the standard (vertical) one.

You could do a mild overclock with the 212, really MILD. But it's no point since stock speeds with boosts going to give you better results.

On the other hand, the free Wraith Prism that comes with the 3700x processor can match the 212 performance. You are better off saving the money for a cooler that can make a difference.

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