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I know they don't want to bundle with the dock, since it doesn't make sense (physically doesn't fit) and increases the price, but they should still output video thru USB-C. Then let people buy a Switch dock, official (use male-female USB-C cable to extend outside dock slot) or 3rd party, to connect HDMI to TV. Just make it optional purchase if people do want to play at home, but support that lah.

Personally I would be interested if can connect to TV. I am not going to play any motion control game or party/co-op games that requires the joy-con. So a more traditional handheld (similar to PS Vita) is fine, though I would prefer bigger screen (maybe a Switch Lite XL?). No TV connection is deal breaker (I know, Vita doesn't have it, but this is 2019 liao).

Maybe they can make a Switch TV, a tiny match box size thing like the Vita TV (no screen, just HDMI out to TV) for those people who just want to play Nintendo games at home? That would interest me more, since I don't actually play while on the move (commuting on train etc). Imagine bring a little match box to work (plus pro controller of cos), lunch time just plug it to your monitor.

PS. Colors are ugly.
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