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Its clear cut price war going on

Last time with grab vs uber is promo code war not grab vs gj its price war

Dats why imo no point chasing gems already.

Cui fare + gems incentive = how much only? They just want you to drive much longer hours to chase desperately for the gems incentives.

At least weekly guarantee... u will guarantee to have that nett amount after X number of trips. Cannot depend on incentives already overall fares earnings more important.

Mon i drive 930-8pm (10.5 hrs)
Tues i drive 930-9pm (11.5 hrs)
Today i drive 1130-630pm (7 hrs)

29 hours total. 52T gross $562

Expecting top up of $70.40.

If gems i think cui liao if these driving hours

52T if all 2 gems = 104*0.45= $46.8
Diff 70.40-46.8= $23.60
$23.60/0.45= 52 gems
Means out of these 52T, 10trips done in peak hour/peak zone equal liao.
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