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Thanks alot! This basket looks great.

Can i check for etfs, in terms of withholding tax, is it that only those listed on US exchanges are subjected to the 30% WHT? Those etfs listed in LON or world etfs are not despite them having US counters?

I do love a US stock, so much so that i can forego that 30%. I think they are robust, volatile and have the volume to boost. Most importantly, the accountants and directors/independent directors actually take their work seriously. Any major drop in share price and you will have a reaction.

Can't say the same for the SGX ones though.
VUAA is domiciled in ireland so only 15% withholding tax. as long as the company in the etf is listed in US you will be taxed. of course you can pick individual stocks but you will be taxed 30% instead and with the risk of capital loss. and dividend paying companies are usually matured companies so growth may be slower
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