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really alot people dont know the watch business - such a simple business concept but yet cannot understand.
complain complain complain only. typical sinkie.

cannot buy rolex will die ah? want buy, suck it up pay premium.

just like singapore cars, no car will die? yes, suck it up pay COE and overpriced cars. (sinkie still hoot ah, no issue)

sinkie typical brand whore, buy rolex, buy submariner - cause recognisable, cause got resell value, cause got logo.

ask u wear brands like omega, iwc all these all cannot accept. jin funny.

rolex no shortage, is AD play games. Rolex produces same amount of watch each year. how many allocated to sports model we have no idea.

want to be satki, pay satki price.

those who say buy patek, u will also want the popular ones. u will buy calatrava meh? don't anyhow jio people buy patek.

patek resell is way way more jialat than rolex. tsk
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