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people like me already told you I am not from finance sector.
We are man on the streets. if I am so good I would be working in the bank
or working In mas.

but we couldn't even enter such sector.

why are you picking a fight with person with almost zero knowledge or a person who only attend 3 days course on finance stuff.

how can people like us beat the analysts , bankers, dealer in the bank, financial analysts? they are the one who roll out all this product to us. selling to retailer.

and by just having like a 3 days course you expect us to be like super expert to read hyflux p&l ? know everything like people from mas ? banks analysts ?

these people spent years studyying and working on financial related stuff vs man on the street ?

come on.

and the bank can arm themselves not only with lots of analysts, lawyers, policies writer and craft kiasu polices they can get back everything from the bonds , retailer get to lose everything.

what are these analysts in the bank for ? aren't they suppose to look with eyes wide open and not need polices to guard them ?
this is totally retail bullying.

if you are professional doctors who spend years on medical studies vs a person who spend only 3 days to read on medical stuff.

can person with 3 days knowledge enough to be called doctor ?
If you are not an expert, then don't anyhow criticise people who paint a realistic picture of what hyflux bond entails back then. Now, you shall repent.
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