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Carouhell? Giant hypermarts?
Thanks bro, yup, I've looked through the usual suspects
Those two, Lazada, Q10, Shopee etc. Didn't really find any particularly good deals. Found Meta for $20 something on Q10.

Wah I have been dumping half bottle of Pennzoil and motul oil. Next time should give out free.
Next time tell me when and where, I buy kopi and bring for you

I have a bottle of mixed carlube and helix but both same weight. Collected from many left over servicing as my oil capacity is only 3.5l.
Self collect at yishun. Pm me if keen.
Cheers, PM'd.

Check out Carousel from time to time. Direct users may sell off their current ones with the reason of buying extra and or bgt new cars so don't need liao.
I ever got SH 5w40 at $30/bottle. Brand new. Need to nego/ low ball the seller loh.. lolz

I did shared before, SG workshop selling SH from drum. Need to bring own bottle. $6/L
Yup bro I looked through Carousell. Giant discount price is $29.90 right from time to time? I think cheapest I've seen is at $25 but rare..currently its $39.90 though. I found a few sellers selling for $30-35. The drum one is it also from Carousell? I had found that listing from last year but PM the guy no reply I wouldn't mind trying the drum oil..

Thanks for all the replies guys.
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