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We been here before annetyu.

When u cant defend urself, u pull off the i am highly educated and atas person trick to reject any arguments.

This is where the fun stops and we continue when i am on leave the next time.

Tks for the entertainment.

Remember, i am watching u. Behave urself old girl.
I have responded to you. However, you choose to ignore because you know inside youíre cornered and unable to reply. Instead, you choose to play this game. Yes indeed, we have been here before. Speaking to someone who doesnít talk sense... I donít see any valid arguements you have at all. You are simply too proud and ignorant just like some uneducated uncles and aunties on the street. You will enjoy being in debate club, only thing is that you will never ever win because you simply wish to open you dirty mouth without any strong case. Good luck in life.
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