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I am just mirroring what u did.

When u bullied mergui. Did u consider his feelings.

Stop the hyprocrisy.

At the end of the day, i just want to remind everyone here how bad ur character is.

Ur words and views on property is biased with no substance and u are no expert as u claimed to be.

And pls. For the last time.
Dun bother with our real life.

I cant influence urs, u cant influence mine.
Whenever u try to bring the argument of how bad my real life is and how good ur real life is.

It is pointless.

We are all hiding behind a device in this forum masking our real identity.

I view u as a toy to disturb online and nothing else.

I said it many times, u behave urself and be respectful online here, i dun bother u.

You are hopeless. At least mergui stayed on the line of property even though he does not have any strong case like you.

My character can't be as bad as yours. Look at what trouble you started again after I kindly answer your 2 questions. Btw my stand is and has always been firm. Launch at $1,130psf, 60%sold on launch and no discount given.

Who have I offended and have I displayed bad behavior today? I have "behaved" and am very respectful today..

Good that you know the difference between on and offline. I may not even be a woman or old auntie for all you know. One thing I can tell you is that, when offline, I do not even take a second glance at ppl like you. I have lots of time today and tmr. Feel free to continue if you like...
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