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Did a short 3 months sub to cloudtv before back in world cup 2014. Wasnt bad. Picture quality of the premium channels were decent. But sometimes the channels would lag. Overall, you would likely find the same premium channels in the free channels section, but the free section are like community uploaded and maintained so they may not be up all the time. As such, there really isnt much difference and its really not worth paying for a cloudtv sub.

A bigger concern here is the box itself. So many horror stories out there about people buying these redbean/micox boxes, run into issues and then when you go back to seller, they charge you an exorbitant fee to fix or "upgrade firmware". $100 may not seem like much, but for that price might as well pay $30-40 more and get older unblock model. At least you are getting an established brand with local warranty and service center right at sim lim.
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