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To bring back the topic to sumang ec... @sgpropertyblog, what are you thoughts on the above. I would also like sumang buyers to have some real justification when making this tough decision 2 weeks later.

You have avoided the question. Don't be like others who lose shamefully and change to ridiculous topics.
Honestly, you are not wrong in comparing the above example.
SK resale condo 10xxpsf compared to sumang EC at 1130psf. Sounds like a no brainer.
Take for instance, let’s go back to terrasse, the project u highly recommended and is transacting only at 10xxpsf to 11xxpsf.
In any aspect, terrasse seems to be a much better buy than sumang EC.
Terrasse is also near the upcoming mrt.

But do u notice that every time when u bring up terrasse, I will counter your argument not because your recommendation is flawed, but I’m also looking at the transaction volume that took place for terrasse.
What worries me is for the past 7 months, terrasse only see 4 transaction. This speaks clearly the lack of demand there even though the new cross island mrt line announcement was made quite some times back.
Terrasse May have reached its highest potential and technically, for those who knows that location well, there’s basically nothing fantastic there.
On the other hand, what shocked me is prive EC resale is transacting a total of 128 units in 2018 (average 9xx to 1kpsf) and is one of EC with highest transaction volume. This also tells me there’s demand in Punggol and probably a lot of buyers are also positive about the upcoming transformation in Punggol.
It is not one person’s view or judgement that matters, it’s the whole buying sentiments that matters.

All in all, what I want to say is sometimes buying property does not always have a logical explanation behind.
If there’s poor buying interest for that district or area, no matter how cheap it is, there is still no demand.
That is why u will notice that I always like to look at transaction volume as one of the guiding principle when buying property because it will give me hints whether I will have an easy or hard time selling my unit in future.

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