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might as well consider Earfun better.

expected shipment probably early August
Review don't look great although it's being recommended
Thanks for the comments guys.

I'm not so much into music but thought on the occasion I want to watch a movie on bed without disturbing my wife's sleep, it would be more comfortable than wired earbuds.

Totally noob to TWS earbuds so I don't know what to look out for

Guess comfort is one aspect so I can lie down on my ear with the earbuds on? Probably another I read about is audio should be lag free for movies?

What other features I should look out for above use case?

Other features or lack of it I guess only after using one I will learn more and discover if it matters to me though I'm hoping when I get my hands on one, I can make it work with Android Auto just for calls while music still goes through car speakers.

Given that Pamu Slide already exceeded USD3m, there must be a lot of good features attracting so many backers and for the price SGD66 and SGD95 without and with wireless phone charger function respectively is it a good deal? Sorry don't know the market price in general for TWS earbuds but I'm fine with waiting for delivery if it's a worth buy so hoping those who bought it can advise further.

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