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Here right now, is another poetry I would like to share with all the lovers here and out there. I hope it touches your heartstrings with the words that you are unable to express to your love ones but with this poetry I hope it will helps them to understand your inner deep feelings for them.



Sometimes I wish you could step In my shoes just for a little while -
to think what I think;
to see what I see;
to feel what I feel;
to understand the confusion,
the fear,
the admiration,
and the friendship I feel towards you - all at once.

If you were able to live inside my mind,
even for a moment,
you would see that my world,
is filled with so many responsibilities,
yet so often my thoughts are of you.

You'll see what joy you've brought into my life.
You would see how much it means to me,
to be able to smile,
to laugh,
to feel good,
to feel free,
like a child - Just because of YOU.

If you had the chance,
to take the smallest glimpse inside of me,
you would see gratitude and respect -
respect not only for what you are making of yourself,
but also for what you are helping me to be.
And you would see how much all of that means to me.

But the thing would strike you most -
if ever you had the chance to be me -
would be all the love I feel for you.
And once you had felt it,
you would always remember it,
and you would understand that,
although I am not always able to express it or explain,
it's depth or importance to me,
its always there...inside of me.

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