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Bro 1stly total cost is way diff when u talked about unblock 2nd thing why would you want to buy a high end box to watch those free channels when a 30-40 dollars box can do? So I don’t see your point but I Guess Yu have your reason n concerns

Colour me confused. I was comparing between micox boxes bundled with cloudtv vs evpad/unblock boxes and somehow things like kodi and scv gets into the picture.

When i said free section, i dont mean other free apps but the free to view section within cloudtv app itself. I meant there is not much difference between the paid section and free section of cloudtv, so i dont feel its worth paying for cloudtv. But its just my personal opinion. However, you can purchase shorter and cheaper cloudtv subscription from any reseller out there and use it on any android device, rather than being restricted to those crappy micox and redbean boxes and the long 2 year duration. Also, have you tried "banging table" to ask for service from SLS shops? SLS reputation is not there for one or two days only, especially those shops selling tv boxes out to pray on the gullible or elderly.
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