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bought Kingston HyperX Predator RGB 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz for $133
to pair with ryzen 5 3600x and x570 board

is it a good price? is it a good product?
Price : There will always people tell you got "carroted", on the other hand, there always some reasons/values in getting from local store and paying that premium. Unless you really a fulltime pro, who can spot a good deals online, dont be a penny wise dollar foolish...

Product Brands : Used to pair well with MSI boards on intel. Kingston, Corsair, GSkill are openly promoted by Toppc youtuber/MSI staff. Subscribed to his insider videos but all in chinese and naggy, disorganised and painful to watch. After all he one of the world recorder holder for DDR4 OC, so they are still some eastern eggs to find in his rantings.

Most recent video talk about memory oc to 4000 on Godlike, and why u shld use reputable brands... after all he eat&sleep with ryzen 3000, at least 9mnths ahead of all of us....all the youtuber including LTT, Nexus yearly pilgrimage to Computex just to learn all frm e gurus' guru

I think someone also asked why X570... these new boards are purpose build for Ryzen 3000, tightly integrated with the CPU's features (e.g, PBO, infinity fabric) and extra heatsinks and additional layers to preserve the signaling integrity. For "priority" bios updates, extra stability, less BSOD...i think it's already worth the extra bucks...

I'm not representing the vendors, just an user on the street who got "carroted" since AppleI...

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