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To bring back the topic to sumang ec... @sgpropertyblog, what are you thoughts on the above. I would also like sumang buyers to have some real justification when making this tough decision 2 weeks later.

You have avoided the question. Don't be like others who lose shamefully and change to ridiculous topics.
oh, I tot I ady answered your questions? if I can buy, I would definitely buy.. I am not a believer of buying a resale project, unless the price is the same as their launching price.. cos to me, exit strategy is important..

if I were to buy TReasure Trove for example vs Piermont, next time when I want to exit is difficult and the chances of me losing money is very high.. even though they may be of the same psf currently... I oso take into consideration that Treasure Trove's lease is ady 8 yrs as of today..

so there u go, touch my heart n my brain ady.. I wont buy resale condo even though its the same price ( and again, not becos im selling Piermont, I sell many other projects as well ..)
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