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mini review

still really enjoying this. I can stop hunting for wireless earbuds liao. haha. I haven't really tested that many before so take with grain of salt. For the price i got it at (under 70 for the pro version), i think it's a steal. Sound quality is to my liking (not so heavy bass, cleaner mids), and battery life is good. Definitely still can't win even like a super cheap wired earbuds like the KZ ZSN Pro though.

I can't get the advertised 7 hours, but can get just over 5 hours of continuous playback on the volume i'm listening at. which is around 80-85% on most phones, since i mostly use it while jogging.

For me the best part is the case's battery life (advertised as 100hours but definitely impossible to get). I use it everyday for jogging, and then using it for testing, taking public transport, etc every now and then. The case still has battery now, and the last time i charged it was a month ago.

For folks like me who sometimes forget to charge their earbuds, this is super convenient. So I don't even mind the heavier case or the use of MicroUSB (since i probably only have to use it like every month or so).

connectivity is okay i guess. no aptx, just aac. Connects fast to my phone, and pretty reliable connection. I encountered one side dropping off for a second once in a while on a cheaper phone that I paired it with strangely, but then on higher end phones it was just fine. the issue was kinda intermittent though. most of the times it'll work great without issues. but if the problem starts, it'll happen a few times in just 1 jogging session. I think probably phone side issue.

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